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Surely you have heard or seen on the street pre-sale announcements of real estate projects, where the property for sale is not yet finished, or even construction is just about to start, but customers can start the process for their purchase.

Although, like any decision, buying in presale has its pros and cons, this time we will talk about the benefits it can offer you.

Discounts on the final price

One of the main advantages of acquiring a property in presale is that, in general, prices tend to be lower. Depending on the stage in which the construction is, the developers offer discounts of between 10% and 30%. Therefore, if your capital to invest is not so high, this can be an interesting solution.

In addition, there is the probability of paying the down payment on a house in monthly installments, which also means a relief for your finances, this because, for example, for the authorization of a mortgage loan it requires at least 90% progress in the work . However, the sales agent can help you structure flexible payment schemes, where presale prices are respected.

Variety when choosing

In general, these blue world city projects are carried out on a large scale, offering you a wide variety of proposals to choose from according to your preferences. For example, sometimes corner houses sell faster as well as ground floor apartments, however during presale it will be easier for you to find the location that suits your needs.


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Short-term capital gain

In addition to the fact that prices will go up once the project is finished, if the development or subdivision is close to commercial areas, heavily traveled avenues, over time the house will increase in value. Therefore, it is important that when you choose where you will invest, you do a little analysis of the benefits that the area offers.

Brand new house to your liking

Although this is also possible when you buy new houses from propertynews, the fact of buying in presale gives you the advantage of being a little more involved, you have more time to decide what type of gates would be suitable for the bathroom, what doors should the closets carry, what details does the kitchen need, among others.

Time to plan your move

The fact that the house is not finished can also be a great advantage. You will have enough time to plan your move, check what you will take and what not, and even save to buy new furniture or have them custom-made. Also, it will give you enough time to sell your old house and go through the buying process without complications.