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Being an employee of the JCP Company, you can access all of your data through an online platform. For Associate kiosk, we present the best platform that hosts all the necessary data important for every person.

You can access your profile using a specific username and password. Your username comprises of both numbers and alphabets.

Once you are log in to your account you can visualize useful options.

You can see your schedule of shifts. This option enables an employee to manage time for his duty. If there is any kind of change in schedule, an employee will be able to notify it.

You can check your paycheck stubs. There are two types of payments, one is through check and the other is direct deposit. You can see your pay stub just by clicking on the paycheck stub option.

If you want an absence of leave, you can avail of this service. In addition, you are also able to see your previous absence of leaves.

There are options for PTO and MTO. If you are hired for the managerial post and you want to get paid leave, you can avail of this option. If yes, there will be time-off leave from schedule time. Moreover, for a regular employee, there is PTO.


Advantages For Former Employees

If you worked for Associate Kiosk, And now you are ex-employee you are still able to access your account. If you want to see the W-2 document that shows you a payment after tax and other deduction, JCP Kiosk enables you to get your W-2 document still after seven years of getting W-2 document notification.

One can view any kind of check he/she wants. If so, log in to your account, click my money and then click Pay option. Now you can find any kind of check you want to overview.

We not only want services from our employees, but we also deliver our best to our employees. Because if we do not care about our employees, there will be no satisfactory profit.



Basic and important features about which everyone wants to know about are time-off benefits, healthcare benefits, benefits eligibility, and retirement benefits.

If you have any kind of question about these benefits, our employees are welcome to reach us via this platform and we assure you to overcome the needs of all the difficulties and quarries of our employees.


Few Last Words

Our employees can reach our social media accounts to get additional information. You can reach us through our official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts. Search about JCPenney and you will be redirected to our related accounts. If you face any kind of difficulty while accessing your account, just contact at 1-888-890-8900. There will be no further delay to access your online platform. JCP Kiosk is specially designed for its employees to avail of various services. One can get multiple services at a time. Just relax, open jcpassiciates, log in to your JCP Kiosk account and that’s all.