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Be peaceful , relaxed and build self-confidence, touch it whenever you are with it. Little by little, these “basic” touches will turn into sexual touches , and that’s where the serious things begin …

Take the leadership of the relationship

At this point, you have probably left a different impression with the young lady. Now she no longer sees you from the same angle. He’s a different man standing in front of her, and that’s for your enjoyment … right?

bff covers


Now it’s up to bff covers ​​to take it seriously and take control of the situation, I mean, leadership of the relationship . For nothing in the world, it will. Do not think that after all you have done (well I hope) one day she will knock on your house and tell you:

” Well, I have thought about our situation, I do not want to be your friend but I want to be with you, make love my love .. . ”

It would be TOO beautiful to be true (and TOO stupid to try to believe it…)

So yes amigo, you’re going to move your little ass to take control of your destiny. And I’ll tell you how, in a moment, after the ad.

h I forgot, you don’t watch TV .. but more seriously, when I say that you have to take leadership and your destiny in hand (note that we are talking here about getting out of the Friend Zone) it takes everything just, and excuse the expression, have the balls to do it.

When you are going to be face to face with her, try to play out your best game of seduction as you have never done: flirt to the maximum, Start touching it gradually, but most importantly, more often. Touch his forearm, his hands, back, shoulders etc … do it naturally WITHOUT looking at your hands or miss will ask questions about you: Does he have the right to do this?

discredit the maximum, and touch it to the maximum (be careful not to be pervert) and just when your darling princess begins to feel comfortable with you, make a good ” statement of interest  “, that is to say, you will declare your interest with great subtlety and elegance and class:

You have to deal with it. Well yes, even if it gives you a feeling of being castrated when your “buddy” tells you that she only considers you as a friend, well you can’t put a knife under her throat and force her to change of speech. Do it first. Never be the begging or forcing guy. Keep your dignity let’s see!

Take care of yourself and, above all, think of YOU. The goal is for you to regain self-confidence and to feel how much you can afford to turn the scales in your favor. But for that, you have to start by pampering yourself and doing things that will really do you good