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Having understood that begging is out of the question, we naturally come to a very important stage in the process: YOU.

Once this article has been read (and once a small comment has been written;)) you will have to get to work. (I remind you, you are currently in a Girl’s Friend Zone, and you are trying to conquer her)

Your mission will revolve around the word: Change . I mean, YOUR change … You must double your personal development progress :

  • Experience something new (in the field that appeals to you!)
  • Start eating HEALTHY
  • Work your body, play sports
  • Learn to do something practical, really useful (lately, I started gardening)
  • Learn how to make cocktails. Learn to cook too.
  • Adopt a new Look

Anyway… IMPROVE YOURSELF IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE! Believe me, you’re going to feel a lot better, and you’re going to mostly boost your self-confidence , therefore, you’ll be incredibly ready for the rest of the process.

bff covers

3 – Have fun, like a little crazy … With the others!

There is this famous expression which says: Never put your eggs in the same basket . that is to say, never concentrate all of your resources in a single project, taking the risk of being able to lose everything at once. The same applies here in our case. Again, you are NOT allowed to focus on ONE girl.

You have to EXIT to meet other people. Your friends have other friends, right? Well start working on your social circle and boost it (if you don’t know how to do it, wait for the release of my exclusive report;))

Meet new girls and learn to flirt with them. This is a golden opportunity to apply EVERYTHING you read here on the blog. It doesn’t matter if you get rejected early. In fact, it’s normal. But keep in mind that the more women you meet, the better your chances of getting out of THIS girl’s Friend Zone .

Jealousy in BFF

And the more she is jealous, the better it is (Normal, you will tell her that all your friends are top models, dangerously in love with you).

The first sentence gives a “serious” framework to your invitation. You give the girl control of the situation. And if miss refuses your invitation, you’re done. No dinner. You will starve.

On the other hand, in the second expression, you subtly tell her that you have ALREADY decided to go to this cool bff covers, and even if she does not agree to join you, you still go there. You don’t really care about his decision. YOU have control. And the more a girl knows that you don’t care about her presence, the more she will want to make a place in your world.

So yes, never invite her to do something, but let her accompany YOU. Do you want to buy new clothes? tell him! Want to see the new Kick Ass movie, tell him!

Touch it over and over again!

Touching someone you are communicating with makes them more comfortable and therefore makes your communication much more fluid and efficient.

The same applies to seduction.

When you touch the girl you are planning to seduce, you are kind of creating bright bonds between her and you. You install comfort between you, and the game of seduction can only be more optimal.