Find Latest NTS Job Oppurtunities 2020

  • March 2, 2020

Are you looking for NTS Jobs? Here you can check latest NTS jobs in 2020 on daily basis. You can also download NTS Application Form from our site. We gather all these NTS jobs from top newspapers and NTS Official website and post it here.

 What is NTS?

Most of the people don’t know about NTS and they are searching for that’s why we are sharing NTS information

The main purpose of NTS is to conduct aptitude tests, admissions assessment, scholarships and recruitment. Interviews and tests are conduct by NTS on behalf of organizations.

To appear in NTS there are certain education requirements that starts from; Matric, intermediate, bachelors, and Master degree program.

NTS Jobs are announced in all cities of Pakistan through top newspapers and on their official website. There was a need of test conducting and recruitment agency that’s why NTS was founded in 2007 for conducting aptitude tests recruitment process.

How you can apply for NTS Jobs?

Applying on NTS jobs is very simple and basic. There is no rocket science in it. Visit their official website and download application form. Fill all the necessary information and pay the challan/fees. Attach the deposit slip with the form and send it to given address and wait for test schedule, That’s it.

Can I Pass NTS Test?

Most of the people think NTS test is very hard they cannot pass it, But they are wrong NTS test is very simple and basic. There are 100 MCQS in this test which consist of Mathematics, General Knowledge and Quantitative questions. You have to do preparation to pass the NTS test. You can buy NTS preparation books for it.

This was information related to NTS jobs in 2020. I hope you have liked our work. You can bookmark this page we post NTS jobs daily here. You can find NTS job related to your field.


server example

List of colocation hosting examples

  • January 24, 2020

Client Case Study: Data Center Consolidation and Virtualization in the Cloud

colocation hosting examples

A Team that Plans Together, Works Together and Helps the Vision Come Together

The Client:

Our Client is the leading global information services company, providing colocation hosting examples and analytical tools to customers around the world. Credit risk is managed by their core businesses, prevent fraud, target advertising maximizes and offers decision-making. They help individuals protect against identity theft and to check their credit report and credit score. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange and also are a constituent of the FTSE 100 index.

The Challenge

Through the years, acquisitions by our customer’s email marketing department resulted in an IT infrastructure which consisted of 9 different data center colocation facilities (some with multiple cages and shared closets ) and 3 big office locations (one on the east coast, one in the Midwest and one on the west shore ). As the acquisitions were integrated into the business, their products remained in their silos. This resulted in staff members holding info about their product, but the limited overall picture of the IT infrastructure. The company estimated that the surroundings comprised network devices and about 650 servers. The business was planning data center consolidation initiative and a significant network redesign. As with many initiatives, additional projects were added to the scope. The projects comprised a virtualization build outside, a disaster recovery site builds out, hands that were smart assistance from holiday growth, the information centers, and everyday network assistance. The scope of the job asks would surpass the workloads of their in-house resources.

Our Option

The firm partnered with MDS to direct its Domestic Data Center Consolidation and Virtualization Standardization. Our client leveraged both MDS Managed Services and Professional Service offerings. Specifically Project management Data Center Solutions, and staff augmentation to assist them. MDS, utilizing our Project Management Office, performed the following providers:

Provided 3 project supervisors to assist the companies Project Management Office.

Provided certified VMWare virtualization engineers to build outside the virtualized environment.

Produce Processes, methodologies, and coverage for Virtual Environment.

Train customer in-house staff through knowledge transfer

Conducted a physical stock of each data center and office location. MDS’ teams traveled to each colocation centre and recorded server information such as name, Rack U position, Rack U distance, version number, serial number, power, and network connections. With this information, the project management staff pieced together a comprehensive inventory and met with the teams that were internal.

Reviewed phone, colocation, and internet invoices to determine the connectivity and bandwidth between each of the colocation centers as well as the office places.

Performed detailed analysis of the network equipment to think of an overview of routing and IP Address space.

Provided network engineer consultants to help the network team.

Smart palms & Remote Hands: complete ownership of these colocation facilities to build and consolidate servers. The technicians stack and would perform the rack as well as configure the servers flip over to the business teams to construct.

Provide Cloud SME to design, architect, and incorporate network inside the Amazon Cloud

The Outcomes

Upon completion of the physical inventory and team meetings, we discovered there were really over 1300 physical apparatus. Utilizing the information of the team and these physical findings, we mapped out the present infrastructure. Equipped with the information that was updated, we suggested a plan. This included simplifying the consolidation of gear and the network infrastructure.

We shut 1 data center saving $2,450.00 a month.

Within one data centre, we consolidated four shared space cabinets into existing cage saving $26,000.00 a month.

Within another data centre, we merged four shared space closets into present cage saving $13,000 a month.

We also merged a cage (having an expiring rental ) comprising 7 closets into an present cage saving $34,000.00 per month.

MDS constructed out a VM farm that enabled for failover to the disaster recovery site and handed it over to our client.

We helped the client’s network group with daily moves, adds, and changes.

MDS helped the network team with SSL certification updates, ensuring protected sites did not perish and new sites were set up in time to get end-user go-live dates.

Our team racked, stacked, configured and flipped over 200 of servers in 3 information centres. This included disaster recovery infrastructure and the holiday expansion.

Online Class Help

Online Class Help

  • January 31, 2019

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