Social networks for real estate: How to use them in your agency?

  • February 7, 2020

Do you know how to use social networks for real estate?

Since social networks arrived, we have witnessed an unprecedented boom that has made them an essential part of almost any business. But we have also attended uses and abuses that have led many of these businesses to leave the networks due to lack of results. Some complain that you do not recover what you invest, others, that they do not serve to sell, all of them, that social networks are not so easy. Today we solve all your doubts and their application to the real estate market Pakistan.

What are social networks for real estate for?

What is certain is that if you open a Twitter account today, customers will not rain tomorrow. Because social networks don’t work for that. It is not a sales channel such as an ecommerce portal. The real estate social networks serve to build relationships.

Why can’t I sell on real estate social networks?

Because people use social networks in our leisure time. Imagine that you have finished your workday, you arrive home tired and wanting to relax. How would it feel to find you at the door of your house a heavy and insistent seller? Just as you would not buy from anyone who bothers you when you only think about resting, social networks were made to enjoy, entertain, inform and educate. And sometimes, just sometimes, to sell.

If I don’t sell, what can I do?

Many things. You can build an audience interested in topics related to your business (not your products, your business). All those who are in a position to buy or rent a property are indirectly interested in many other topics, such as the economy, taxes, decoration, legislation and much more. Find the topics that interest them to offer information and you will be doing real estate content marketing of ICHS Islamabad and start building a relationship with them.

After and only after having called the attention of interested people, you can start a conversation related to your products. To give you an idea, as experts in marketing for real estate, we recommend that the first 6 months of presence in social networks, real estate agents never mention their products. So clear.

How to attract customers from the social networks of your real estate to your website?

Now that you are clear that social networks are not for sale and that your  real estate website  is the center of operations, let us explain a few tricks.

  • Set realistic goals. Be honest with yourself and think about what you want to get from the social networks of your real estate. Corporate presence? A customer service channel? Source of information for your customers?
  • If you are a real estate agent and want to make yourself known, start by being useful to your local community. The competition is very strong, so if you focus on the ones that are closest to you, you have more possibilities.
  • Develop your personal style. When you share content on the social networks of your real estate as we mentioned before, do not become a machine. Always bring your point of view, adding value to what you share.
  • Create a prestigious blog. Prestige is still the best way to sell. When you develop a great reputation, customers come alone. It only takes one plan, and a lot of perseverance. With this spirit our real estate blog wasborn and we only have good experiences!
  • Open only the profiles you can cover. You know, “The one that covers a lot, does not squeeze.” It is not about having a presence in all possible real estate social networks, today, with you having a Facebookprofile and a Twitter profile that you attend daily and with quality, It is more than enough.
  • Do not get carried away by impressions. Social networks for real estate require a lot of patience and there may be moments of despair. That is why it is necessary that (at least) monthly you take a while to evaluate if your objectives are being met. To do this, be aware of the important metrics for a real estate business with an online presence.

Work as an autonomous real estate agent from home or freelance for a real estate agency: Which is better?

  • February 3, 2020

The real estate crisis left us all upset. How to work in a real estate has become an odyssey. Every day we attend new and surprising twists to which we must be attentive. In addition to indicating the future of the profession, we are advancing trends in the labor market in general. This is the case with the new way of working as an autonomous real estate agent from home with a website for real estate agents such as Sky Marketing Islamabad, or a freelancer dependent on a real estate agent .

What has changed at work as a real estate agent?

It is clear that the labor market has undergone profound changes in the last decade. From jobs for a lifetime, balls and scams we have moved to job flexibility, uncertainty and precarious employment.

Have we improved or on the contrary the employment is of worse quality?

We are not experts in this regard, but we have detected certain trends that we would like to share with you.

For example, working as a real estate agent or in luxury real estate, are two of the most demanded forms by the new generations of professionals.

What has changed? Above all, we have learned to do things differently. If something has taught the crisis to this profession is that it must be renewed and what seemed safe a few years ago, now it is not.

From the perspective of the real estate agent it is now more complex to look for real estate agent work. Many look for it in real estate with no experience. And they don’t understand that this profession requires specific real estate training.

Modalities of work as a real estate agent: Autonomous from home or freelance in a real estate

In many job offers you will have seen that work is offered as an autonomous real estate agent or freelance dependent on a real estate agent. Below we explain the two modalities:

Autonomous real estate agent from home

As you will undoubtedly know, there are many advantages of being an autonomous real estate agent, although it is a hard life for which not everyone is worth.

They send the results, not the hours worked, and normally, you end up working more hours than if you were in an office from 9 to 5.

Freelance real estate agent dependent on a real estate

Working as a freelance real estate agent dependent on a real estate company also has a huge handicap on the back: it works for a single client, on which it depends economically.

To ensure that if you lose the income of that single client, you can continue to subsist, the figure of the dependent freelancer brings together the characteristics of employed persons.

Thus, for example, you have the right to vacation, but you will not be remunerated unless the parties agree to an agreement.

The same goes for compensation for termination of the professional relationship. When it is the employer who decides to terminate the contract with the dependent freelance real estate agent, he will be entitled to compensation that must be agreed in the individual contract between worker and employer.

Work as an autonomous real estate agent from home or dependent freelance: What is better?

Whichever modality you are in, a real estate agent can work from home or integrated within the physical structure of the company.

eye! Do not confuse the modality of working as an autonomous real estate agent with freeway to avoid making contracts to your employees, this does not work like this.

In fact, one of the requirements to be able to formalize a contract of this type is that the worker cannot carry out the same activity as workers of the company that appear as professionals.

That is why it is important that if you want to work in a real estate agency you are well informed of what is best for you and what they are going to offer you.

Regardless of the hiring modality, as a dependent self-employed person or if you decide to work as an autonomous real estate agent, you should know that you will have pros and cons to weigh.

It will depend largely on the real estate agent job you are looking for. If you want to work with a minimum investment and low risk, either option is worth it.

Benefits of working as an autonomous real estate agent

The autonomous real estate agent can work from home, so that their own schedules and working hours are marked.

  • It is easier to combine professional and work life, because you do not depend on rigid schedules or boss permissions.
  • It allows you to combine the profession of agent with other liberal professions, to complete your income.
  • You are the one who measures effectiveness and allows you to organize as you see fit.
  • If you have several clients and one of them fails, you will always have the support of a minimum income.

As inconveniences:

  • You have to register as a freelancer, although it does not involve much paperwork, it is a time to consider.
  • You will have to take care of the social security fees.
  • There is no possibility of severance pay, which is always a problem.

Benefits of working as a dependent freelance real estate agent

  • You have a contract, which means that if the employer fails to comply, you can collect compensation.
  • In the contract you can specify availability of schedules, vacations and other issues that are important to you and that you want to leave in writing in a binding document.
  • As you are “independent” you should be able to manage your tasks and your time as you see fit.
  • If you work as a real estate agent from your home, you are not tied to schedules, although the employer may require periodic meetings or reports of your activity.

As inconveniences:

  • You will need your own equipment to develop your activity, such as a computer, printer, etc.
  • You cannot have other people working for you, or outsource the services for which you have been hired.

Work in a real estate agency with the advantages of being autonomous

It is not impossible, by power, you can. In fact, franchises as important as Alfa Inmobiliaria already offer the possibility of being a franchisee without the need to buy or rent commercial premises apart from the properties in Blue World City.

The fundamental advantage of this type of modality? As experts in real estate marketing strategies  we perceive that it is a great opportunity to dedicate the budget saved in advertising or on a good real estate website.

It is true that today there are not many franchisees who choose this freelance mode. But the requirements to work in a real estate company change every day and we are sure that in the coming years we will see much more radical changes in our profession.

University town Features and amenities:

  • January 31, 2020

Features and amenities:


Has attributes to ease the occupants of it. All of these took advantage of top course living in a really regular cost. The vision team can be in progress to make it even more advanced and developed. The team maintained the amusement for kids while planning, it’s a zoo, parks, and I, is located in a commercial place for shopping in any moment. There’s a gym to remain healthy and keep enjoying a wholesome life. For safety, the team did not miss the opportunity to feel its occupants insecure they retained safety cameras/surveillance and protective border walls. There’s underground power that makes it possible for the security of the folks living there. In a way to solve the large difficulty in Pakistan of power the villas have 24 hours of power and backup of power. And to get a cooking centre, there’s all setup of gasoline.

In these real-estate businesses, we also have started climbing All such projects make it possible for residents a well styled and settled lifestyle these strategies offer every facility what everyone wishes to be lived in but due to high rates of those days structures people are concerned about this. So, these home schemes brought an chance for every person to live inside and delight in the desirable life here. The home schemes have different pricing strategies in accordance with their attributes and amenities and development attributes. Some have imperial developed structure some have regular planning for its middle-class categories. In summary in the housing market, there are tons of businesses offering multiple pricing home plans for every category of individuals. We need to approach them and strive to live life because we want to call home. These strategies must be embraced to get a much better life.


Development in advance:


The Growth of this UNIVERSITY TOWN is updated and in progress to make it seem more appealing and contemporary. The development procedure is on its way to advance it’s going to conquer the water issue 4 tubing wells are working and 200 heavy machines are functioning in the society. It’s determined to operate on the abroad block since it’s in stage 1 plus has a worth amongst other cubes. The officials also have signed the MOU with the federal university to assemble the most recent campus of this university. Along with the transfer pick is also curious to build their hotels and hotels here in society. The society will finish the job of broad and carpeted streets of concrete to prevent transportation and travel issues. The street is 300 ft long.


The Officials have accepted the official traders the home societies such as skies marketing to their very best success in the housing marketplace.


personal email hosting

What’s Shared Hosting?

  • January 27, 2020

The 2 main things which you need when you begin a website are a domain name and a web hosting account.

So when someone types your website URL from the address bar of their web browser, your site files are fetched from the web hosting accounts. And people are able to see your live website . Get it at no cost personal email hosting!

Now, there are various types of hosting solutions available in the marketplace including shared hosting, handled WordPress hosting, as well as dedicated hosting support. But which one is suitable for your needs?

Also, what is the difference between shared hosting and handled WordPress hosting? Let’s try to comprehend them each in words that are simple.

Preparing a website and want to work with it behind the scenes? Be sure to read our guide on the ideal WordPress coming shortly topics and plugins.

What’s Shared Hosting?personal email hosting

Shared hosting is a web hosting solution where your site shares the resources of a single web server with quite a few sites. And the benefit of using such a service is they are available at a manageable rate.

shared hosting

Since multiple sites utilize a shared server, such businesses can provide hosting providers at a cheaper rate as compared to hosting.

Anyone who’s planning to begin a site should consider using shared hosting to keep their expenses down. Additionally, personal websites, very low traffic sites, bloggers, and businesses should use this kind of hosting support.

But before we talk about the pros and cons of shared hosting, let us talk about handled WordPress hosting.

What’s Difficult WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a type of hosting service which provides the most effective technology for your WordPress website in order to be certain that your website is both secure and fast.

Such companies take care of the hosting related topics like copies, security checks, upgrading WordPress, plus even more. They resolve your issues as soon as possible and also provide premium customer support.

Handled WordPress hosting

Basically, a managed host would like you to focus on your business while they take care of the technical aspects for you.

However, you must note these services are costly compared to shared hosts. In most cases, a handled WordPress hosting program starts at around $16.95 a month.

Hence, we recommend managed hosting merely to high traffic sites or somebody who’s not convinced with all the technical aspects involved.

Considering starting a website or want to make it easier to edit your personal? Have a look at our post on picking the business website builder.

Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting

Pros of Shared Hosting:

Cost: Among the biggest advantages of using a shared hosting service is it’s cheaper and can be purchased at a price as low as $2.75 a month.

CPanelthe majority of businesses provide cPanel that makes it effortless to manage your website, domains, emails, and more.

Mail Accounts: You will get professional email service for free. That means you can establish a company email like without spending an excess penny.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:

Slow response time: Your site may load slowly because of slow host response time when compared to a managed WordPress host.

Downtime: You will face frequent downtimes with a few shared hosting companies.

Not acceptable for high-traffic sites: Shared hosts are mostly acceptable for startups, small businesses, personal websites, or anyone that doesn’t receive a lot of traffic.

Now let’s check out the benefits and pitfalls of using managed WordPress hosting.

Daily Backups: Your website files are always safe as managed hosts backup your website and database daily. They also allow you to restore your website if you would like to.

Quick and Secure: A managed WordPress server offers the most recent technology to make sure that your website is fast. They look after your WordPress site’s security so it’s protected from hackers and malware.

Core Upgrades: They take care of the core WordPress upgrades and so, helps to fasten your site. Some companies even go the extra mile by upgrading your plugins and themes automatically. Their staff is knowledgeable about WordPress and you can reach them .

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress hosting:

Expensive: One of the biggest disadvantages of using a managed WordPress hosting agency is it’s quite expensive compared to a shared host.

Limitations on Certain Plugins: These services focus on earning your WordPress site optimized for speed. To put it differently, they do not let you utilize certain plugins that may slow your website down.

Only WordPress Sites Allowed: While shared hosting permits you to host any site you need such as simple HTML pages, managed hosting companies only allow you to host WordPress sites on their own servers.

server example

Top colocation hosting examples

  • January 24, 2020

Client Case Study: Virtualization and Data Center Consolidation from the Cloud

Credit risk is managed by their core businesses, avoid fraud, target advertising maximizes and supplies decision-making. They help individuals guard against identity theft and to look at their credit report and credit rating. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange and also are a part of the FTSE 100 index.

Through time, acquisitions by our customer’s email advertising department led to an IT infrastructure which consisted of 9 distinct data center colocation hosting examples (some with numerous cages and shared closets ) and 3 big office locations (one on the east coast, one in the Midwest and one on the west shore ). Their products stayed in their silos, Since the acquisitions were incorporated into the business. This led in staff members info about their merchandise, but the restricted image of the IT infrastructure. The business estimated that the surroundings comprised network devices and about 650 servers. The business was planning data center consolidation initiative and a significant network redesign. Just like many initiatives jobs were added to the scope. The projects comprised a virtualization construct outside, a disaster recovery site assembles out, hands that were clever help from network assistance, vacation growth, and the information centers. Their resources’ workloads would surpass.

Our Option

The firm complied with MDS to direct its Domestic Data Center Consolidation and Virtualization Standardization. Our customer leveraged Professional Service offerings and MDS Managed Services. Especially Project management, Data Center Solutions, and personnel augmentation to aid them. MDS, using our Project Management Office, done the following providers:

Offered 3 project supervisors to help the firms Project Management Office.

Produce Processes, methodologies, and coverage for Virtual Environment.

Train customer in-house staff through knowledge transfer

Conducted a physical stock of every data centre and office location. MDS’ teams went to every colocation centre and listed server details like Rack U place Rack U distance, title, version number, serial number, power, and community connections. With this advice, the project management staff and the teams met and pieced together a physical stock.

colocation hosting examples

Reviewed telephone, colocation, and internet invoices to find out the bandwidth and connectivity between each one of the colocation centers in addition to the workplace places.

Performed comprehensive analysis of the system equipment to think of a synopsis of routing and IP Address space.

Provided network engineer advisers to help the community team.

Smart palms & Remote Hands: complete possession of these colocation facilities to construct and merge servers. The stand would be performed by the technicians and stack in addition to configure the servers flip over to the business teams to construct.

Supply Cloud SME to design, architect, and incorporate network inside the Amazon Cloud

The Outcomes

Upon completion of the physical stock and group meetings, we found there were really over 1300 physical apparatus. Utilizing these findings along with the advice of the team, we mapped out the infrastructure. Equipped with all the information that was updated, we suggested a strategy. This comprised simplifying also the consolidation of gear and the system infrastructure.

We shut 1 data centre saving $2,450.00 a month.

Inside one data centre, we merged four shared space closets into present cage conserving $26,000.00 a month.

Inside another data centre, we merged four shared space closets into present cage conserving $13,000 a month.

We also merged a crate (having an expiring rental ) comprising 7 closets into an present cage conserving $34,000.00 a month.

MDS constructed a VM farm which enabled for failover to the disaster recovery site and handed it all on to our customer.

We helped the customer’s network group with daily moves, adds, and changes.

MDS helped the community team with SSL certification upgrades, ensuring protected sites failed to perish and new sites were put up in time to get end-user go-live dates.

Our group racked, stacked, configured and flipped over 200 of servers in 3 information centres. This comprised disaster recovery infrastructure and the holiday growth.

Blue World City Islamabad Comparison with Taj Residencia Islamabad

  • January 23, 2020

An Impartial View of Blue World City Islamabad Comparison with Taj Residencia Islamabad

After you reside in Islamabad you are going to learn how elite folks live and their life style. Contrary to other metropolises of Pakistan, Islamabad is a good deal less crowded, due to the simple fact that it turned out to be a planned city.  It is generally a safe and calm city. It is the second most beautiful capital in the world. It may be the metropolis associated with ponds, reservoirs, mountains along with amazing buildings. It also happen to be one of the best places for lovers of art and history.

If you would like to obtain an industrial plot, you’ll need to pay some profit along with 20% down payment. There are several different kinds of residential and business plots out there for booking in Blue World City. Finding a plot for sale in Islamabad is a task which requires a great deal of research as there are lots of choices available to pick from.

Metro Buses have good ac systems and totally free wi-fi. New International Airport of Islamabad will be found fairly near the residential project. Car Hire is also a great method of getting around.

The transport system, particularly, is what sets Islamabad apart from the rest of the cities. High security is given to the residents in addition to the provision of healthcare clinics and children’s play area. You could also observe it is getting direct access through Motorway in addition to proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. The location is extremely attractive, and it’s going to be a dream address for Islamabadites. A renowned restaurant, The Float, is a significant attraction present in the middle of the Rawal Lake. Defence Mall gives a fantastic shopping experience. Both the stores are reliable and will have the ability to offer sound suggestions for minor ailments.

The Blue Area has lately got a substantial number of foreign direct investment.  There’s additionally a famed open food area named Melody Food Park. The city also supplies good employment opportunities, so it is a fantastic place to think about in the event you’re exploring career choices. Owing to its picturesque views and breathtaking all-natural beauty, it’s a favorite city to reside in. The city is also home to a few of the very best healthcare facilities in the nation. Capital Smart City is planned to become an eco-friendly housing project that will offer excellent residential and company opportunities to its residents. This metropolis may be one of the most cultured metropolis where by consumers are well prepared so it’s additionally property to a good deal of universities and colleges.

The Basics of Blue World City Islamabad Comparison with Taj Residencia Islamabad

Currently, lots of vehicles have been employees for land clearing procedure and earth work. The list of benefits of living within this city is quite long. There are rather limited alternatives available for booking, so you ought to make your decision fast in the event that you wish to avail this opportunity. 3-year payment program is offered to purchase plots in Blue World City. It has to be noted that there’s simply no installment plan for virtually any plot.

The prices have a tendency to increase, based on the region dimensions and location. Daewoo Racer Car prices vary depending on the model, variant and the state of the vehicle. Even 5 marla small business plot prices have gone above 1 crore, therefore we can expect greater prices for their big industrial plots in central business place. It is recommended to inspect the rate with a couple of them before going ahead with it. After the conclusion of this ring road, it’s expected that the rate of plots will be raised from 2-3 times. Rose alongside Jasmine Yard might be the lovely area where by many types of tulips alongside jasmine plants.



  • January 23, 2020

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a home society undertaking of Future Development Holdings Private Limited FDHL and Habib Rafiq private limited , which is a well-known reliable company introducing one of the finest jobs with greatest profit prospects. The Capital Smart City Islamabad society has been positioned on Motorway M2, near New Islamabad International Airport.
Other projects
As it is obvious, this endeavor is a profound opportunity for investors who wish to avail the forthcoming opportunities in residential as well as commercial plotting. What’s more, Smart City is also being established in Pindi Bhattian and Lahore, with an amazing scheme arrangement in Real Estate department.
Just like Capital Smart City Islamabad, Smart City Pindi Bhattian and Smart City Lahore are also going to have all the luxuries one can imagine of.
Part of Capital City Islamabad
This home society comes from the variety of Islamabad Capital territory, which is another benefit in itself to be part of the Capital of Pakistan possibly searching for a residential area or company. New Islamabad International Airport once inducted, will bring an immeasurable intensification concerning elevating the significance of Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Capital Territory

Since this society falls in the Islamabad Capital Territory, it’s for sure that it is going to be very well preserved, well-ordered concerning traffic rules and cleanliness. There are many advantages of living in the territory of the Capital City Islamabad. This also boosts the significance of this Real Estate project of the housing society.
Perks of investing in capital smart city now
As Capital Smart City Islamabad is a promising society, investing in Real Estate at this time can be quite favorable for future. Because as soon as the Islamabad international Airport is handy, while this society gets urbanized and accomplished, it will eventually become Islamabad’s one of most modern, hi-tech and assisted society delimited with lavishness.
Capital smart city Islamabad cost Plan
The prices of plots have been increased in a really brief length of time owing to its increasing value. Five Marla (5 Marla) Plot was priced/valued at Rs. 19, 50,000, Ten Marla (10 Marla) Plot was priced/valued in Rs. 3,350,000, 1 kanal (1 kanal) Plot was priced / valued at Rs. 4,975,000, Two kanal (two kanal) Plot was priced / valued in Rs. 9,950,000.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is among the greatest societies in Pakistan containing all of the salient features and a complete package for a living too as company. As discussed above, being local society to New Islamabad Airport makes it one of the finest living and business destination for people who travel quite often in different countries.
On top of it, a whole new society with a cheap Metro Bus Facility within it’s another perquisite for residential and business purpose. Purchasing Real Estate of Capital Smart City Islamabad could be a very wise move so as to occupy the best profitable and approaching destination before it becomes expensive in near future.


  • October 27, 2019

Park view city Islamabad is a housing project situated in the capital city that is briskly emerging in the real estate market of Islamabad and its surroundings. It has all the facilities that a comfortable life needs like schools, hospitals, mosques, gym, cinema, shopping mall, zoo, etc. The housing scheme allows people to feel secure and enjoy a peaceful life.  It is located in the central area of Islamabad at only 10 minutes’ drive from the zero point Islamabad. This scheme will supply gas, water, and underground electricity and many other necessary and luxury facilities. It has the consistency of indoor and outdoor activities included in its master plan. It is a secured and utterly walled community that exhibits modern living. This phenomenal project has beautiful and green surroundings, as well as a variety of housing and commercial options.

Related image



About Park View City

Park View City Islamabad is a project by Vision Group, a construction and developer group that promises its clients a bright future. The owner of this company is Mr. Aleem khan, a senior member of PTI. It is an emerging real estate development company that has a vision of constructing state of the art housing projects all over Pakistan.


The Vision Group

Vision group was established in 2012, and since that, their hard work and determination have enabled them to get to the top of their game. The vision group has successfully delivered multiple real-estate projects with the best reviews and satisfaction. This group has built its trust and reliability in a short time just because of its comprehensive work plan and teamwork. This company came with the aim of providing an opulent lifestyle to its residents by incorporating the highest standards of construction and landscaping.


Development Model:

The development plan of the society includes schools, hospitals, gyms, mosques, parks, and zoos along with an extensive network of wide roads and to execute a perfectly designed city with the state of art architecture.  5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal plot sizes are available in the society for the construction of spacious family houses.

Permissions and NOC:

Park View City Islamabad housing scheme, and its upcoming development plans are approved by CDA. The letter of approval was issued on 1st June 2018.The NOC and the details of the permissions can be verified from the official CDA website.


 Park view city is located in the green surroundings of Bani gala between the beautiful hills of Islamabad on Malot Road Islamabad. It can be accessed via a direct main double road from Kurri Road from Kashmir Highway.



Park view city Islamabad is planned to provide all the necessary and luxurious facilities to its customers. The vision group considers its duty to provide modern, comfortable, and secure living options. This project has some prominent features which we are mentioning down below for your consideration:


1.      Location:

Park view city is located in the heart of Islamabad. Serena hotel and all the iconic landmarks in Islamabad are situated at only few minutes’ drive from this housing project.


2.      Innovative framework:

This project is designed on an updated and original structure. Its infrastructure is updated and well-groomed. It’s is designed according to the requirement of the modern living that everyone desires.


3.      24/7 secure and gated community:

This city is entirely secure and is a walled community. There is 24/7 security monitoring available in the society with the help of the network of CCTV cameras installed throughout the project. Security is one of the features in the community that vision group does not compromise on, and the same is observed in this project.


4.      Underground supply of electricity:

Park view city is designed to be a secure and reliable residential project from every angle. The design of the project maintains its beauty very well, so for that, the incorporation of underground supply of electricity has been introduced to society remains safe and aesthetically beautiful.


5.      Free of load shedding:

The biggest problem that is faced in Pakistan is the load shedding; the electricity supply is cut off for hours at a time, and to avoid that hassle for its residents, Park View City Islamabad has taken the initiative to provide a load-shedding free zone. The society will be free of this problem, and a consistent supply of electricity will be ensured throughout the society via provision of their very own electrical power plant.


6.       24/7 Availability of Gas and water:

Along with providing with continuous electricity supply, the Vision group will also offer 24/7 water and gas supply in its region for the comfort of its residents.


These above-mentioned features are only a few from a long list of the luxurious features and facilities that this housing project has to offer its residents. If you are interested in the project and would like to know more details regarding it contact SkyMarketing today.