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A true timeless part of our wardrobe, the denim jacket is reinvented each season to adapt to all our desires!


The ultimate casual piece, the denim jacket is a real fashion accessory that accompanies all our outfits. Light or dark, fitted or wide, the women’s denim jacket adapts to all body types and styles. Even if you wear it all year round, it remains the iconic jacket for sunny days. In spring, why not opt ​​for an oversized women’s denim jacket? For an offbeat style playing with male / female codes, wear it with a dressvery feminine flowers. To complete this fresh and spring look, nothing like to accompany this outfit with pretty flat sandals. And for a street look and resolutely trendy, we opt for white sneakers and a pretty shoulder bag . It is the ideal outfit for summer, which can be worn both for going to the office and for strolling on sunny terraces. THE BIKER FASHION STORE is also ideal for adopting a bohemian look. When it is very hot, we opt for a sleeveless women’s denim jacket, and we accompany it with a long flowing dress , a straw hat and a long necklacemulti-row: you have the perfect look of the chic and trendy holidaymaker. Still in the “holiday and sun” theme, we choose a worked denim jacket, embroidered or with patches, which we wear on a white outfit – on a white dress or even a set of white pants and top – with a small basket made of straw, as adorable as romantic. And even if the women’s denim jacket is the ideal piece for casual days, we do not hesitate to wear it in the evening! For a rock-wise look, ideal for going to a concert, we opt for a destroy or fringed denim jacket, which we wear over a little black dress, with buckled boots or waders. Complete your outfit with a pretty scarftied around the wrist and a feminine backpack, to soften the grunge side of the jacket. And as this piece knows no limits, it is available in a large number of models, giving way to your imagination and your fashion desires. More classic, the black and white denim jackets are true allies of our chic and dressy outfits. If, on the contrary, we wish to bet everything on originality, the jean jackets with rhinestones will be the perfect partners for our most crazy evenings! Finally, we do not forget the tencel jackets, more fluid and more relaxed, which are available in a large palette of colors. They bring freshness to our outfits and are so comfortable that once adopted, we can not do without it!