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“Pearls are always appropriate,” said Jackie Kennedy. In Oui Petit we give the reason him, and for that reason our new Spring 2019 collection has them like protagonists.

The pearls are indestructible over time. They reinvent themselves and adapt to the times of the most trendy. The most classic and contemporary touch at the same time, a timeless stone that in all its versions is simply perfect.

Of all the jewelery stones can be the star, the complement of the most classic beauties like Audrey or Grace Kelly, but unbeatable, at the same time, in the most current red carpets. There is no firm that resists its simple power.

In the Spring 2019 collection of Oui Petit we include them in different versions, versatile and combinable, as we like it. The light of the pearly color will make your spring look perfect, from the most casual to the most sophisticated. That is the power the pearls.

The Stone Signet Pearl ring, type seal with five natural mini pearls. combined with our Pearl ring, which has a center stone in mother-of-pearl of 8 mm in diameter. Irresistible!

The pearl plays with an almost mystical seduction and is full of superstitions, but nobody can deny its power of adaptation to the passage of time and the catwalk of tendencies of each season. With more or less presence, it is always there and when it resurfaces it does so with an unbeatable force. Pearls are for something more than special occasions, they are forever.

The Pearl Drops necklace with small freshwater pearls, the most appreciated in jewelry, the simplicity of the Pearl Gold pendant or the exquisiteness of the Petit Pearl pendant with a central flat pearl are our favorite pieces of the new spring collection, how much do you like?

The possibilities of pearls are endless, and that’s why we like them so much. The perfect companions for the most beautiful spring looks. Do you want more designs with pearls and nacre? Do you love them as much as we do? Tell us on Instagram and tag us in your photos with pearls, we love to get to know you and inspire you with your style!

Do you remember the post ‘Oui’? ‘Oui’, the war cry of the Oui Petit women, of the #ouipetitlovers, a word that identifies us and that represents a great part of the philosophy of Oui Petit.

The ‘yes’ to the force, to the routine, to the energy, the yes to oneself, the yes to the small details that make you feel good, the yes to the little gems that change the roll. We both like what the word ‘Oui’ means, which in our new Spring 2019 collection has a privileged place.

But the family grows, and that’s how ‘Empowered’ was born, the pendant of strong women, empowered and full of positivism. Do you like it?

Manufactured in 925 sterling silver – it can also be finished in 18 carat gold with a 3 micron gold bath – the ‘Empowered’ pendant has a chain of balls and mini links and a central pendant made of 22 mm laser size with the word ‘Empowered’ recorded. Two in one, because the single chain is also beautiful with any look.

You already know that in Oui Petit we love the message pendants, ‘Empowered’, the pendant of the women we have signed, is here to stay, and we like it! And to you, what do you think? Tell us about Instagram.

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