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Duke Packing is a Custom Packaging Company, having extraordinary staff to deal with all kinds of worries and problems. We provide not only professional service but all our services are free of cost i.e. deliveries consultations etc. We provide products with biodegradable properties and the ink that we use is also non-toxic. All of our stock is non-toxic.

We are a custom packaging company so, we provide everything according to the client’s demand, Our Prices are optimal, so that our client can afford it. We are best in the market because we now have known the trends of the market, but we don’t move with the market trends rather we move alone and try to always produce something unique and useful. We offer our client custom designs but if he insists then we can make designs according to his instructions. All of our consultation is free of cost. We always try to offer our client something new and unique which could last an impression on the customer and because of which he isn’t able to resist. Our clients are from all over the world and this statement alone is enough to tell you about our clarity and performance. We are an expert on Short-run and also Long Run orders. We deal with both of them on a priority basis. We always try to maintain our prices according to the customer’s pockets because our clients are our everything and because of our high-tech equipment we manage to maintain our prices at such a low rate as compared to market because of the reason that all of our machines are automatic and they help us save a lot on labors. We earn profits and along with this, we tend to throw some of our profits in the market i.e. give benefit to clients which in return not only prove bee useful for us in a way that they bring in more clients so in a way they are doing marketing for us.

Our custom printed corrugated boxes are available in colorful and attractive designs i.e. from customized shapes to modified custom designs. Usually for fragile boxes our corrugated custom printed boxes are used they not only help in solving the carrying issue but also help to keep it safe during traveling. We can also add ad-on on the boxes i.e. Gloss, Matte Finish, etc. All these things are first confirmed and verified by the client and after that we put it into manufacturing. We don’t charge for sample so, if he says to provide him with a sample then we will and send it to him wherever he is in the world.

Custom Printed with No Minimum:

We offer top-notch quality for both Custom product boxes, custom printed corrugated boxes. We provide not more than 100 boxes for custom orders. If you want to buy our custom offers then you have to order at least 100 boxes and along with that enjoy the free delivery service to wherever you are in the USA and Canada, you’ll receive your order at your doorstep.