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GTA/Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The description

GTA: San Andreas is a full-fledged port of open-international motion sport, which capabilities are fully steady with laptop model. A infinite open international and complete freedom of action – this is what draws gamers to San Andreas a lot. As in PC model, users ought to attempt on the function of Carl Johnson, who decided to take an unfair destiny in his fingers.

gta san andreas full indir process

70 hours of shootings, hijackings and other unlawful missions, as well as the capability to journey round genuine copies of Las Venturas, Los Santos and San Fierro – who will refuse? The sport will substantially facilitate the life of Carl Johnson with fantastic arsenal of device, weapons and automobiles.


The variable manage gadget has been efficiently tailored for the contact displays. For conflict mode, you will us the decrease left part of the screen, in addition to a chain of action keys inside the right while using mode includes the skillful interaction of swipe and taps.


Perhaps the person fashions right here look even higher than in the laptop version. Developers also redesigned textures and the play of mild. The bodily machine has gone through some changes, of direction, in the course of improvement. Wide photo settings will will let you use all of the features of mobile gadgets to play in GTA: San Andreas.

List of Cheats for GTA San Andreas

Cheats for weapons, police, equipment:

LXGIWYL – set of guns No. 1 (shotgun, mini MP5, AK-47, rifle, bat, 9mm pistol, rocket launcher, Molotov cocktail, spray can, brass knuckles)

KJKSZPJ – set of guns No. 2 (Desert Eagle, Sawed-Off, Tec-nine pistol, knife, computerized M4, sniper rifle, fireplace extinguisher, flamethrower, grenades)

UZUMYMW – set of guns No. Three (automated M4, chainsaw, 9mm pistol with a silencer, Spaz, MP5, sniper rifle, thermal RPG, mines)

HESOYAM – fitness, armor, $ 250,000

OSRBLHH – increase your crime charge by way of  stars

ASNAEB – clear your crimes

LJSPQK – your crime rate – 6 stars

WANRLTW, FULLCLIP – countless bullets, with out reloading

AEZAKMI – you’re never desired

OUIQDMW – Complete Driving Ammunition

FOOOXFT – Everyone Has A Weapon

NCSGDAG – hitman in all weapon parameters

AIYPWZQP – parachute


Cheats for vehicles:

AQVQIMAHA – all of the parameters of your gadget to the most

XICWMD – the invisible car

PGGOMOY – perfect manage

BGKGTJH – simplest cheap cars force thru the streets

GUSNHDE – most effective expensive vehicles power through the streets

CPKTNWT – blow up all the motors

LLQPFBN – red Cars

IOWDLAC – black motors

RIPAZHA – cars fly

FVTMNBZ – only rural motors drive across the city

THGLOJ – decreased road traffic

COXEFGU – all machines have nitro boosts installed

VKYPQCF – all taxis have nitro

BSXSGGC – vehicles fly off on impact


Cheats for degree up:

BAGUVIX – endless fitness (immortality)

CVWKXAM – Infinite Oxygen

AEDUWNV – by no means hungry

BTCDBCB – fats guy

KVGYZQK – skinny guy

BEKKNQV – magnet for ladies

OGXSDAG – maximum recognize

EHIBXQS – maximum elegance

NATURALTALENT – pump all the skills to the most

AFPHULTL – ninja theme

KANGAROO – outstanding soar


Cheats for the climate, time, environment:

AFZLLQLL – sunny weather

ICIKPYH – sultry climate

ALNSFMZO – cloudy weather

AUIFRVQS – wet weather


XJVSNAJ – usually midnight

NIGHTPROWLER – infinite night time

OFVIAC – orange sky (21:00)

MGHXYRM – thunderstorm

CWJXUOC – sand hurricane

YSOHNUL – pace ​​up time

PPGWJHT – accelerated sport

LIYOAAY – slow motion sport

BAGOWPG – paradise above your head

SZCMAWO – suicide

ZEIIVG – all traffic lighting are inexperienced

YLTEICZ – aggressive drivers

AFSNMSMW – flying boats


Other cheats:

ASBHGRB – Elvis everywhere

BGLUAWML – pedestrians assault each different with rocket launchers

AJLOJYQY – pedestrians beat every other

CIKGCGX – beach celebration

MROEMZH – gang contributors anywhere

BIFBUZZ – gang members control the street

JHJOECW – massive bunny jump

JCNRUAD – explosion (Smash n ‘Boom)

CQZIJMB + JCNRUAD – armored vehicle exploding other vehicles!

LFGMHAL – mega jump

IOJUFZN – revolt mode

PRIEBJ – madhouse topic

MUNASEF – adrenaline mode

SJMAHPE – recruit Someone (9mm)

ZSOXFSQ – recruit Someone (Rockets)