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According to research, more than 1.6 million people lose their lives to violence. Violence is a pattern of behavior intended to establish and maintain control over individual or groups. The term “violence” covers a broad spectrum and comes in many different forms. It is a global phenomenon and does not respect the limits. You find violence everywhere in the world these days. No matter it is the domestic violence or a bloody war it destroys everything. Violence can affect people on many levels. Peace & tolerance is the only way to stop the cycle of violence.

Types of violence:

Violence/abuse is indeed one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It is the expression of verbal or physical force against others. It has become an essential aspect of the way things happen around us. The violence people experience in their daily lives can be linked to global violence. Violence mostly happens in the middle to low-income countries. People have become less tolerant of the events and behaviors that result in aggression and violence. To eliminate it from the world everyone needs to respect the opinions of others and be tolerant of each other.

Let’s now discuss a few types of violence:

  • Domestic violence:

Domestic violence is when a person emotionally or physically hurts others to gain control. When a person thinks himself superior in the family and wants to obtain or maintain power he abuses, beats slap or threatens. Domestic violence is a crime in many countries, and people get punished for it.

Emotional abuse is also a kind of domestic violence in which a person undermines the self-esteem of the other person or persons. If a person tries to take control of all the financial resources of the house and tries to make others dependent, then it is called economic abuse.

  • Cyber-bullying:

One of the most significant disadvantages of social media is cyber-bullying. The advent of social media has made the world a global village, but the online harassment can’t be ignored. People share their pictures and videos with family or friends on social media.

Cowards keeping their identity anonymous intrude in their accounts to get the personal information to blackmail or harass people. Cyber-bullying is a new form of violence that has destroyed the lives of many people.  Many people have taken their own lives due to online harassment/cyber-bullying.

  • Stalking:

Stalking is unwanted attention and harassment. If a person follows someone or sends unwanted gifts repeatedly, then it is stalking. It is a kind of violence in which the victim mentally suffers, and the stalker may also cause property damages.

  • Youth and dating violence:

Youth and dating violence is a pattern of abusive behavior used to control over a dating partner. It also includes physical, emotional, economic and sexual abuse. Teens and adults experience the same type of abuse in a relationship. However, teens sometimes use unique methods such as stalking or sending threatening text messages on social media.

  • Elder Abuse:

Physical, sexual, emotional, economic or verbal abuse to an elderly person or the person who is disabled is also a type of violence.

  • Child abuse:

If a child is not being paid attention, education, or food it is called child abuse. Emotional abuse of children is also a big problem in society, and most of the people don’t even realize that it is happening. All these types of violence affect people personally, but they prove havoc for society. Tolerance can only prevail in the world when humans will be able to overcome all types of violence.