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As far as car maintenance evolves windshield replacement or repair does appear to be something common. An accident drive or a stone that emerges on the highway are the main reasons why your windshield might require repair in the first place. You cannot go on to postpone them as the cracks or chips does emerge big and in due course might even not be fit for repair.

Considering the high cost as part of car repairs many owners look at options of cutting corners. The effective method would be that they try to repair the windshield and not replace it. No problem with such an approach as modern technology has gone on to make it fairly easy to fix chips or cracks. At the same time not all cases you can classify for repairs. The location act, size and intensity do work out to be important factors. When you are planning to repair your windshield there are some pointers you have to think long

The extent of damage

First and foremost you have to figure out the extent of the damage. The cracks or chips work out to be of various types. A linear crack or combination crack are the common types of cracks that emerge in the first place. There are a pit and an impact site. The latter does appear to be the place where the damage does go on to take place. When in the pit you are likely to come across a missing pair of glass.

Any glass that does occur less than 12 inches you can repair them easily. You ought to consider the fact that the windshield does have an important role to play in the structural integrity of your vehicle. The cracks that have grown in the size you should not go on to seal them as they have gone on to become bigger. The time would be right for you to replace and then go on to choose a new windshield


The time duration would be in the region of 20 to 30 minutes. But still, it can go on to take a lot of time that would evolve down to the number of chips and even the damage that does require sealing.

Consider doing it yourself mechanism

If you are willing to undertake the task at your home all the better. There are a lot of kits that are available in the market. There are ready to use products available, but in some cases, you have to mix them. As part of the instruction book, there does appear to be a guide. In case if you feel that they do it approach does not work out for you then consider approaching a professional centre. The professionals who do have the necessary experience are going to analyse the crack and then suggest a remedial measure.

The minor to moderate charge you can fix it up at a small cost. It does go on to step over $ 50.