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Do you know how to use social networks for real estate?

Since social networks arrived, we have witnessed an unprecedented boom that has made them an essential part of almost any business. But we have also attended uses and abuses that have led many of these businesses to leave the networks due to lack of results. Some complain that you do not recover what you invest, others, that they do not serve to sell, all of them, that social networks are not so easy. Today we solve all your doubts and their application to the real estate market Pakistan.

What are social networks for real estate for?

What is certain is that if you open a Twitter account today, customers will not rain tomorrow. Because social networks don’t work for that. It is not a sales channel such as an ecommerce portal. The real estate social networks serve to build relationships.

Why can’t I sell on real estate social networks?

Because people use social networks in our leisure time. Imagine that you have finished your workday, you arrive home tired and wanting to relax. How would it feel to find you at the door of your house a heavy and insistent seller? Just as you would not buy from anyone who bothers you when you only think about resting, social networks were made to enjoy, entertain, inform and educate. And sometimes, just sometimes, to sell.

If I don’t sell, what can I do?

Many things. You can build an audience interested in topics related to your business (not your products, your business). All those who are in a position to buy or rent a property are indirectly interested in many other topics, such as the economy, taxes, decoration, legislation and much more. Find the topics that interest them to offer information and you will be doing real estate content marketing of ICHS Islamabad and start building a relationship with them.

After and only after having called the attention of interested people, you can start a conversation related to your products. To give you an idea, as experts in marketing for real estate, we recommend that the first 6 months of presence in social networks, real estate agents never mention their products. So clear.

How to attract customers from the social networks of your real estate to your website?

Now that you are clear that social networks are not for sale and that your  real estate website  is the center of operations, let us explain a few tricks.

  • Set realistic goals. Be honest with yourself and think about what you want to get from the social networks of your real estate. Corporate presence? A customer service channel? Source of information for your customers?
  • If you are a real estate agent and want to make yourself known, start by being useful to your local community. The competition is very strong, so if you focus on the ones that are closest to you, you have more possibilities.
  • Develop your personal style. When you share content on the social networks of your real estate as we mentioned before, do not become a machine. Always bring your point of view, adding value to what you share.
  • Create a prestigious blog. Prestige is still the best way to sell. When you develop a great reputation, customers come alone. It only takes one plan, and a lot of perseverance. With this spirit our real estate blog wasborn and we only have good experiences!
  • Open only the profiles you can cover. You know, “The one that covers a lot, does not squeeze.” It is not about having a presence in all possible real estate social networks, today, with you having a Facebookprofile and a Twitter profile that you attend daily and with quality, It is more than enough.
  • Do not get carried away by impressions. Social networks for real estate require a lot of patience and there may be moments of despair. That is why it is necessary that (at least) monthly you take a while to evaluate if your objectives are being met. To do this, be aware of the important metrics for a real estate business with an online presence.