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The real estate crisis left us all upset. How to work in a real estate has become an odyssey. Every day we attend new and surprising twists to which we must be attentive. In addition to indicating the future of the profession, we are advancing trends in the labor market in general. This is the case with the new way of working as an autonomous real estate agent from home with a website for real estate agents such as Sky Marketing Islamabad, or a freelancer dependent on a real estate agent .

What has changed at work as a real estate agent?

It is clear that the labor market has undergone profound changes in the last decade. From jobs for a lifetime, balls and scams we have moved to job flexibility, uncertainty and precarious employment.

Have we improved or on the contrary the employment is of worse quality?

We are not experts in this regard, but we have detected certain trends that we would like to share with you.

For example, working as a real estate agent or in luxury real estate, are two of the most demanded forms by the new generations of professionals.

What has changed? Above all, we have learned to do things differently. If something has taught the crisis to this profession is that it must be renewed and what seemed safe a few years ago, now it is not.

From the perspective of the real estate agent it is now more complex to look for real estate agent work. Many look for it in real estate with no experience. And they don’t understand that this profession requires specific real estate training.

Modalities of work as a real estate agent: Autonomous from home or freelance in a real estate

In many job offers you will have seen that work is offered as an autonomous real estate agent or freelance dependent on a real estate agent. Below we explain the two modalities:

Autonomous real estate agent from home

As you will undoubtedly know, there are many advantages of being an autonomous real estate agent, although it is a hard life for which not everyone is worth.

They send the results, not the hours worked, and normally, you end up working more hours than if you were in an office from 9 to 5.

Freelance real estate agent dependent on a real estate

Working as a freelance real estate agent dependent on a real estate company also has a huge handicap on the back: it works for a single client, on which it depends economically.

To ensure that if you lose the income of that single client, you can continue to subsist, the figure of the dependent freelancer brings together the characteristics of employed persons.

Thus, for example, you have the right to vacation, but you will not be remunerated unless the parties agree to an agreement.

The same goes for compensation for termination of the professional relationship. When it is the employer who decides to terminate the contract with the dependent freelance real estate agent, he will be entitled to compensation that must be agreed in the individual contract between worker and employer.

Work as an autonomous real estate agent from home or dependent freelance: What is better?

Whichever modality you are in, a real estate agent can work from home or integrated within the physical structure of the company.

eye! Do not confuse the modality of working as an autonomous real estate agent with freeway to avoid making contracts to your employees, this does not work like this.

In fact, one of the requirements to be able to formalize a contract of this type is that the worker cannot carry out the same activity as workers of the company that appear as professionals.

That is why it is important that if you want to work in a real estate agency you are well informed of what is best for you and what they are going to offer you.

Regardless of the hiring modality, as a dependent self-employed person or if you decide to work as an autonomous real estate agent, you should know that you will have pros and cons to weigh.

It will depend largely on the real estate agent job you are looking for. If you want to work with a minimum investment and low risk, either option is worth it.

Benefits of working as an autonomous real estate agent

The autonomous real estate agent can work from home, so that their own schedules and working hours are marked.

  • It is easier to combine professional and work life, because you do not depend on rigid schedules or boss permissions.
  • It allows you to combine the profession of agent with other liberal professions, to complete your income.
  • You are the one who measures effectiveness and allows you to organize as you see fit.
  • If you have several clients and one of them fails, you will always have the support of a minimum income.

As inconveniences:

  • You have to register as a freelancer, although it does not involve much paperwork, it is a time to consider.
  • You will have to take care of the social security fees.
  • There is no possibility of severance pay, which is always a problem.

Benefits of working as a dependent freelance real estate agent

  • You have a contract, which means that if the employer fails to comply, you can collect compensation.
  • In the contract you can specify availability of schedules, vacations and other issues that are important to you and that you want to leave in writing in a binding document.
  • As you are “independent” you should be able to manage your tasks and your time as you see fit.
  • If you work as a real estate agent from your home, you are not tied to schedules, although the employer may require periodic meetings or reports of your activity.

As inconveniences:

  • You will need your own equipment to develop your activity, such as a computer, printer, etc.
  • You cannot have other people working for you, or outsource the services for which you have been hired.

Work in a real estate agency with the advantages of being autonomous

It is not impossible, by power, you can. In fact, franchises as important as Alfa Inmobiliaria already offer the possibility of being a franchisee without the need to buy or rent commercial premises apart from the properties in Blue World City.

The fundamental advantage of this type of modality? As experts in real estate marketing strategies  we perceive that it is a great opportunity to dedicate the budget saved in advertising or on a good real estate website.

It is true that today there are not many franchisees who choose this freelance mode. But the requirements to work in a real estate company change every day and we are sure that in the coming years we will see much more radical changes in our profession.